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Virtual Receptionist Services - the four most frequent questions

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

After more than a decade providing virtual receptionist services tailored to small and micro businesses of between 1-5 employees, we thought we’d share the top four most commonly asked questions.

If you are looking for a virtual receptionist service please see the link at the bottom of this page for downloading a copy of our independent report on UK virtual receptionist services which will help you with other important questions to ask a potential provider.

1. Are the receptionists based in the UK?

Yes our team is based in the UK. When we say team, we mean one that’s big enough to handle peaks in the number of calls, but not too big that we sound like a call centre.

Our business model is to resist scaling up to such an extent that we lose sight of our original aim – to provide a virtual receptionist service that is friendly and yet efficient (pretty much emulating the strengths of the micro business sector).

2. Do receptionists work from a script or try to sound as if they are in my office?

Our virtual receptionists will have standard information about you and your company, but they are far removed from the ‘call centre script readers’ that make us all cringe!

Yes they’re friendly and courteous at all times but importantly callers will feel as though they are one of your team.

3. Are the messages sent by email or text, and does that happen immediately?

Yes and Yes! Our receptionists will take a message which is then sent to you via an email immediately, with the option of having a text as well, enabling you to pick it up even if you are out and about.

4. How do the team know to answer in my company name?

Most virtual receptionist services work in the same way. You have a unique telephone number allocated to your account so when a call comes in on that number the receptionists screen is populated with the information on your company a second or two before they answer. The receptionists are trained on how to use this information to answer the call in a natural manner, even if you do not get that many calls.

UK Virtual Receptionist Services

If you are researching possible virtual receptionist services you will find our independently compiled guide of the UK market very useful. You can download a free copy by clicking the link below Review of the UK Virtual Receptionist Market

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Micheal Brown
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