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Receive a Fax via email with a virtual fax number

Fax to Email

Fax to email completes the impression that you have a professional office. Faxes are received and saved as a pdf file, then sent to you automatically as an attachment to an email. All set up within 24 hours. No charges per fax. It’s that simple.

Fax to Email saves having to buy a fax machine and gives you the convenience of receiving your faxes as an email, for instance the pdf attachment can be viewed on a Blackberry, iPhone and other mobile devices.

Choose from any UK area code number around to match your business address.

Fax to email set up = £15

Fax to email Subscription = £9.00 per month.

All prices are subject to VAT

Set up complete in 24 hours

We can provide more than one conference room. The greeting would ask the caller to enter the conference room number, which could be a simple as Conference room 1, 2 or 3.

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