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Conference Call with Dedicated Number

Office Answers have expanded our services and can now provide a conference call service with your own UK dedicated number making it ideal for a small business who wants a professional image. We can provide the service on any UK area code number to match your main office number. Having your own number has two major advantages:

  • 01 and 02 telephone numbers are included in mobile tariff bundles so you will not have to pay call charges from your mobile

  • The initial greeting will be in your company name, creating a professional image for your business.

This service is provided on a simple monthly tariff of £15 per month. There are no call charges and no long term contracts.

How does our Conference Call service work?

Unlike general conference call services with ours you have a dedicated number for your company. At the meeting time the delegates all call in to the number and they will hear a greeting in your company name welcoming them to the conference. They enter a four digit pin code for security and are joined into the conference. The greeting in your company name can help boost the professional image and perceived size of any small business.

Need more than one Conference Room?

We can provide more than one conference room. The greeting would ask the caller to enter the conference room number, which could be a simple as Conference room 1, 2 or 3.

What about visual screen sharing?

An audio conference call is often all that is needed for a team to have a catch up or for several different people to discuss a topic. However sometimes it would be useful to run it as a presentation and show a set of slides or other material. We do not provide the visual side ourselves as there are various good free services available. Try:

Some of these say they offer audio but the free versions either do not include audio or you have to use their internet audio service which prevent people from joining who may be on their mobile. This is why the quickly look unprofessional, but combine their screen sharing with our conference call service and you have a very professional set up for small business.

Regular Conference Calls with other countries?

We can provide additional dial in numbers for a range of countries. If you have an office or customer in the US for instance you could provide them with a US number for them to dial into the conference call, and hence they avoid having to make an international call. Please contact us for details as the charges for a number vary from country to country.

Set Up in 24 hours

Please give us a call to discuss your conference call requirements. We can have you set up within 24 hours.

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