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Automated Phone System


A simple solution aimed at small businesses who need to an automated phone system to play a greeting to callers and route calls to landlines or mobiles depending upon which option the caller presses.  Some people refer to these solutions as a virtual phone system, virtual pbx or IVR system.

We have tailored our automated phone system for small business.  You describe what you need and we do all the set up and configuration for you, including recording the greetings, normally within 24 hours. No need for you to buy equipment or understand complex systems.  The virtual phone system is managed at a central location, calls simply route through our system and out to the destination you want.  There are no long term commitments, we operate a simply one month rolling agreement. Typically the solution can:

  • play a greeting to the caller

  • let them select an option

  • route the call to a landline or mobile

  • voicemail to email if you can’t answer the call

  • Different call handling or voicemail out of hours.

Our Pricing

We pride ourselves on simple, competitive pricing, with no hidden charges. The prices for our Automated Answering System are:

Automated Answering Prices

  • Set up = £25, includes 01 or 02 telephone number

  • Subscription = £20 per month

  • Calls routed to landline = 2p per min

  • Calls routed to mobile = 10p per min

  • Calls to voicemail = Free

These prices include a landline number for any UK area code. You can either use this as your contact number or divert an existing number to us.

Telephone numbers

Flexibility to grow as your business grows


The automated phone system is very flexible so please give us a call to discuss your requirements. We will ask you some simple questions to ensure we understand what you need and we can make suggestions to help your callers.

More advanced features can be added, such as routing calls differently depending on the time of day or day of week, play different message out of hours, and include voicemail. For Voicemail messages sent as a WAV attachment to an email so you can listen to messages at your pc or on a smart phone.

Call Us Now and be live within 24 hours

We can take your details over the phone to start the set up.   You can give us a script for the greetings and we will record them, and we can offer advice on what works well.   We can complete the work and have you up and running within 24 hours.
Give us a call on 01628 460230

Time of day call routing

Route calls based on the day of the week and time of day. Calls can be routed to a different number out of hours or to voicemail-to-email ensuring your are not disturbed outside your office hours.

Simultaneous Ringing

Ring more than one number, either in sequence or simultaeously. This is ideal where several people are working together but based at different locations.

Web Interface

For most customers we manage the changes for them but if you want to make regular changes we can provide a web interface allowing you to control your calls and greetings as you wish.

Bring your own number

We can take over the management of an existing telephone number for you if you wish. An example would be if you have an established 01 or 02 telephone number for you business but are moving office and BT can not provide the same number in a different location. You can port the number to us and we can manage it for you, routing calls to a new landline or mobile. Porting a number needs some discussion so please give us a call.

Greeetings recorded for you

Many people do not want to learn how to configure a new system or to be messing about trying to record their own greetings.  We will do all this with you and can suggest a script based on your requirements, and record it for you once agreed.

Account set up within 24 hours

Please give us a call and we can take your details over the phone.

We will need to speak to you at some point to ensure we understand your requirements so please give us a call on 01628 460 230.

The automated phone system can normally be completed and working within 24 hours.

New Numbers

We can provide any UK 01 or 02 area code number, or the increasingly popular 03 business numbers.

Existing Numbers

You can divert your existing number to us.  Our YouTube page has a simple video on how to do this In time you may even want to port your existing number to our system which can offer cost savings on line rental.

International Numbers

We can even provide international numbers, perfect if you want to test opportunities in a new country.  Calls can be routed back to the UK, to someone based in the country, or simply to voicemail.

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