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Virtual Receptionist for small Healthcare clinics

Setting up a small business as a Healthcare Professional is a natural progression for many people who have experience in the Healthcare sector. Many of our customers operate from home or rent time within a larger clinic.  There are two key factors they have in common:

  • they cannot take phone calls while with a client

  • client’s do not like to leave messages on answer phones

These two statements seem to suggest you can only grow a private clinic if you have a receptionist. For most healthcare professionals starting out on their own they do not want the expense and commitment, even if they have got somewhere for the receptionist to work.

There is a simple solution. Have your calls answered by our virtual receptionist team. We have provided this solution to many healthcare professionals. Please read our receptionist for a physiotherapy provider case study who was in exactly this situation.

Related to healthcare we have cosmetic surgery clinics, therapy providers and counselling services, and many in hair and beauty related areas.

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