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Telephone Answering Service for UK small businesses

Since 2004 Office Answers have provided a telephone answering service in the UK to small businesses who want to create a professional image.  The team of operators are based in the UK without strong regional accents and will answer calls in your company name in a way that gives the caller the impression they are in your office.

The team is just the right size to get the balance between handling busy times but not sounding like a call centre.

Having answered the call and listened to the caller they will typically explain that the best person to speak to is not available at the moment but they can get a message to you.  The messages are sent immediately as an email and a text to your mobile if you wish.


How does it work?

Our team have a system which presents them information on your company just before they answer the telephone call.  This has information on your company, who is involved and their roles, and perhaps one or two standard questions you want asked.

Standard landline telephone number

We will provide you with a standard landline number for your account with us. Many customers simply divert their telephone to us when they want the team to answer calls.

No Long Term Commitments

Obviously we like to keep customers for a long time, but we do so by providing the service they like rather than constraining them with long term contracts. We are happy to operate our service with a one month rolling agreement.


Simple competitive Pricing

We pride ourselves on simple, competitive pricing, with no hidden charges:

  • Set up = £25

  • Subscription = £25 per month

  • Receptionist time = 85p per min

No additional charges for sending you an email when we take a message for you. Text messages are charged at 10 pence each. Prices are subject to VAT.

Telephone Answering Service v Virtual Receptionist

Is there a difference between a telephone answering service and a virtual receptionist?

Perhaps there was 10 years ago when some services charged per message and therefore pressured the caller into leaving a message.


The reality now is that callers who know you have a choice of how the communicate so they may not want to leave a message, preferring to email you directly or drop you a text.  We will encourage the caller to leave a message but think it sounds more natural not to force the issue if the caller does not want to.


Telephone Answering Misconceptions

Sometimes people have a misconception about how a telephone answering service can work so we put together an article on our blog – telephone answering misconceptions to give you more guidance on the matter.

Customer Reviews

Please take a look at the reviews provided by our customers of our services.

Account set up within 24 hours

Please give us a call on 01628 460 230 and ask for Clare or Ian. We are always happy to discuss your requirements.  If you would like to go ahead will can take your details over the telephone and set up the service within 24 hours.

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