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Physiotherapy Clinic - Case Study

Virtual Receptionist Service for businesses of up to 5 people

Our live virtual receptionist team are based in the UK and will answer calls in your company name in a friendly and professional manner to create the right image for your business.

We have been providing virtual receptionist services since 2004 and have worked with more than 1000 small businesses. The team is big enough to handle peaks in the number of calls but not too big as we do not want to sound like a call centre.


Virtual Receptionist for Physiotherapists case study

Physiotherapy is ideally suited to being provided by experienced Physiotherapists who are either in a a small or home based clinic.
Whilst this arrangement works well for the treatment it means the Physiotherapist does not have the receptionist backup of a large clinic or doctors practice. This can be frustrating for patients who do not like leaving messages on an answer phone and stressful for the Physiotherapist if they can hear the telephone ringing while treating a patient.

Alison Cadinouche had created a private practice at home but approached us with the issue of how to deal with telephone calls while treating patients. She has been using our virtual receptionist service for over 18 months and was happy to share her experience.


Tell us a bit about your business?

I run my own private physiotherapy practice. I am a sole practitioner working from a new, purpose built treatment room, but I also do home visits.

So why did you decide to have our phone answering service?

The main reason was because I felt I was losing potential patients by not always being able to answer the phone in person. If someone is in pain and wanting a physiotherapy appointment, they want the reassurance of speaking to a person immediately, not leaving a message on an answerphone, otherwise they are likely to try another clinic.

Office Answers has helped me to ensure I maintain a professional image as I wasn’t happy just letting calls bounce onto the answer phone.

The other important reason is the difficulty I have in taking calls when I’m with a patient in my clinic or on a home visit. This is where the message notification service really comes into its own. I know that Office Answers will have efficiently taken a message, and will pass it on to me straight away, and I can then respond as soon as I am able to.

The other important reason is the difficulty I have in taking calls when I’m out at meetings. This is where the message notification service really comes into its own as it enables me to pick up the message on my mobile as soon as somebody has called me.

I have been really delighted with the service given by Clare and Ian at Office Answers.

What do your patients think of the service?

My patients like having the reassurance that a message has been taken by a courteous person, not an answer phone, if I am not able to answer the phone myself.

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