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Virtual Receptionist misconceptions

Think a virtual receptionist or professional answer phone system isn’t for you – think again

As we’re celebrating 10 years of providing virtual receptionist and telephone answering services to SMEs, we’re publishing regular Power of 10’s.

Here’s one correcting any misconceptions you may have regarding a virtual receptionist or telephone answering service.

1. It involves technical shenanigans including installing a separate phone line. Nope, fact is you can divert calls to us from your existing line, and we can help you set this up.

2. You’ll be tied into a long term contract. While many of our customers have been with us for years, we are totally flexible according to whether you need short term, interim support or a longer term service.

3. A virtual receptionist means stilted, scripted conversations. Far from it: our team are professional receptionists who will adapt their call-taking to suit your business.

4. It’s too much hassle if you need to regularly change your answer phone message or notify your virtual receptionist.  Actually, all we need is an email or a phone call to tell us the details and length of time for the new message and we’ll get on the case pronto.

5. It means dealing with another large faceless organisation that doesn’t care about a small business. Far from it – we’re a small business as well and recognise the importance of providing SMEs with a responsive, personable service.

6. It’s a cost you can do without. Taking on a virtual reception/telephone answering service is surprisingly cost-effective, particularly if you factor in the cost of employing a full-time receptionist (circa £17k/year) or the potential loss of business if you miss calls.

7. Message-taking is fine, but if you’re out of the office there will be a delay before you can pick the message up. In reality there is no delay as we immediately notify you of your message by email and can send a text to your mobile if you like.

8. It only works as long as I’m not on the phone. The beauty of the system is that instead of incoming callers hearing the engaged tone, they will automatically be put through to the message service.

9. You only get one call handling method irrespective of whether it’s within office or out-of-office hours. Wrong – we can set up an appropriate call handling or voicemail system for different times of the day.

10. My customers won’t leave a message if they don’t recognise the voice. Our receptionists will answer in your company name and give the impression they are in your office, so your caller will think you have hired someone new.

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