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How to divert calls to our Virtual Receptionist Service

Virtual Receptionist Service for businesses of up to 5 people

Our live virtual receptionist team are based in the UK and will answer calls in your company name in a friendly and professional manner to create the right image for your business.

We have been providing virtual receptionist services since 2004 and have worked with more than 1000 small businesses. The team is big enough to handle peaks in the number of calls but not too big as we do not want to sound like a call centre.


How do calls reach our Answering Service?

How calls reach our virtual receptionist and telephone answering service depends on whether you are a new business looking for a new telephone number or an established business with an existing number.  If you are looking for instructions on how to divert landline calls to a different number please watch the video.

New Business

If you are setting up a new business we can provide you with a new virtual telephone number for any UK area code number or a non geographic 03 number for £10 per month.  These numbers are not tied to our receptionist service so you can point them to directly to your home or office if you wish.  The advantage these numbers have is they are usually part of the caller’s bundle of minutes so they do not pay to call you.  If you are looking to keep costs down we can offer an 0844 number free of charge, but the caller will pay a little more to call this.

Established Business with a landline number

If you have an established landline telephone number for your business you will obviously want to keep it.   for you the questions is how to divert landline calls to a different number.  To use our receptionist service you will probably divert your calls to us when you want the receptionist team to answer. The 30 second video below shows how to divert calls on a landline.

How to divert landline calls to a different number

Play the video for simple step by step instructions on how to divert all calls to a different number.

Further Telephone Number Options

There are plenty of additional options with how your calls reach our receptionist team. For instance, if you are a new business we can give you a number that calls you at home first, giving you a chance to answer, before it automatically diverts to the receptionist team. We can even control the times of the day that calls come to us. Please give us a call on 01628 460 230 to discuss the options.

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