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Voicemail to Email - UK system for small businesses

A professionally recorded greeting in your company name sounds more professional than using your home answer phone or mobile voicemail. Messages are stored electronically and sent to you as a WAV file attachment to an email, which you can listen to on your computer or smartphone.

Office Answers is a UK based company and we have been providing voicemail to email, automated answering systems, and virtual receptionist services to small businesses for over 15 years.  Our systems can grow with your business, see "More advanced systems" below.

Voicemail messages

Messages are stored electronically and sent to you as a WAV file attachment to an email.  This means you can listen to messages from your pc, or even your mobile if you have a smartphone.  Or you can also call into the system from any phone to listen to messages.

We provide this either as a standalone system or as an addition to our virtual receptionist or virtual office services, typically for taking calls out of hours.

Your voicemail system comes with a standard telephone number and you can choose any UK area code number or even an international number.

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Many of our customers divert their existing telephone or mobile to this number.  Alternatively you can publish the voicemail number as your new contact number.  We can expand the service at a later date if you wish to answer calls yourself or do clever things like time of day routing.

Voicemail to Email prices

We offer simple clear pricing with no hidden charges.

  • Set up charge = £15   includes standard UK 01 or 020 telephone number.

  • Monthly charge =  £9.00

  • Charge per message =  Free

All prices are subject to VAT.

We do not ask for several months up front as many providers of voicemail systems do.

To order please call us on 01628 460230 and we can take your details over the phone and have you set up within 24 hours.

More advanced Phone Answering System and IVR Systems

We also provide more advanced automated systems for handling calls. For example, the standard voicemail system can be extended to play different messages at different times of the day. We have provided systems that require the caller to enter a pin so only registered customers can get through to you.

We can also provide interactive systems where the caller is played a message with several options. The caller chooses an option and their call can be forwarded to the appropriate external number or a voicemail message specific to the option. Some customers have combined this with our telephone answering service, for instance a property management company has their calls answered by the receptionist team during the day and then uses an automated service out of hours for emergency problems, with the caller choosing different options for electrical problems, water leak, car parking issues, etc.

For more information please see our IVR phone system page.

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