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Marketing & PR Company - Case Study

Virtual Receptionist Service for businesses of up to 5 people

Our live virtual receptionist team are based in the UK and will answer calls in your company name in a friendly and professional manner to create the right image for your business.

We have been providing virtual receptionist services since 2004 and have worked with more than 1000 small businesses. The team is big enough to handle peaks in the number of calls but not too big as we do not want to sound like a call centre.


Marketing & PR company case study for virtual receptionist services

The Marketing and PR sector has plenty of smaller agencies, either individual consultants or two or three people working in a team. Some work from home, others from a small office. It is often a hectic working day with client meetings meaning it is not always possible to answer the call yourself, and deadlines to meet when you need a bit of quality time without interruptions. At Office Answers we have a range of services including our virtual receptionist team, virtual telephone numbers and fax to email that are ideally suited to companies in the marketing and PR sector.

One typical Office Answers customer is Amanda Brown, PR consultant and owner of A2B PR, who is based in the stunning Yorkshire Dales and has been a customer of Office Answers for over five years.

Tell us a bit about your business?


Well, I’m a PR consultant, helping a range of businesses communicate with their target audiences. I’m a one-woman band and am lucky enough to be able to work from a spacious office at home.

So why did you decide to have our phone answering service?

One of the prime reasons was to ensure I maintained a professional image as I wanted a landline as well as my mobile and yet I wasn’t happy just letting calls bounce onto our home answer phone.

For me, I don’t necessarily have masses of calls each day but particularly if I have issued a press release or a client is linked with a popular news item, I can get a flurry of calls.

In these situations, there’s nothing more annoying for journalists than getting an engaged tone. Therefore the beauty of the system is that while I’m speaking on the landline, journalists can still leave a message which is then flagged up to me via email and mobile.

The other important reason is the difficulty I have in taking calls when I’m out at meetings. This is where the message notification service really comes into its own as it enables me to pick up the message on my mobile as soon as somebody has called me.

What do your clients think of the service?

They like it because even though they know I work for myself, it does gives them reassurance that I have a professional and efficient route for message-taking.

In fact, quite often, regular clients ask if I have employed someone extra, and new clients think A2B PR is a bit bigger than it actually is.

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