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How a virtual office can help with local SEO

Updated: Aug 20, 2019


Search Engine Optimisation is all about increasing your presence on the market, making sure you come up as top of the list for relevant searches on the web in your industry. As searches become more and more refined, and now even localised, you’ll have to make sure that your catchment area knows your name.

Turning over a profit as a young business and investing money in the right places is key to seeing growth and realising your future potential. A virtual office will not only improve your efficiency and reputation, but dramatically affects your local SEO. Here is why a virtual office address is so valuable to your business.

With the Territory

As we’ve mentioned, search engine optimisation, or ‘SEO’, is all about increasing traffic to your website and getting you climbing up the ladder towards top of the search list. In today’s electronic age, it is more and more important to get your business a good website. Unfortunately though, as the internet becomes more and more populated, it is increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd. This is where a virtual office address comes in; it will make sure that you come up in localised searches for whatever area you choose.

Having a virtual office address can help you to win business in cities you are not based in.

For example, if you chose a virtual address in a major UK city like Manchester, you would come up in all the local searches for that region, even though your business office might be somewhere outside that in a small village! A virtual address can make sure you hit the market you want, and hit it hard.

Next we’ll look at how it saves you money too.

Location, Location, Virtual Location

For your business to thrive, we’ve already established how important it is to have a business address in the right place. This isn’t always so hard to get for smaller cities, and bigger businesses. With young businesses, and small LTD companies though, getting a big office in the middle of London when your home is in a rural area (and registered as your business address) is not a viable solution. We all know the costs incurred for big city locations can be out of reach, but what if you could have the address without any of the cost? The value of a virtual address isn’t just about your SEO, it’s also the fact you save a lot of money while doing it. Having a virtual office address helps you bring in the bacon, and saves it for you too.

A Special Service

If you’re already interested, this section is for you. Here’s where we’ll look at what specialist companies can offer you, and why the services are so valuable to your local SEO.

Mail forwarding means that you can register your company name to a virtual office company’s address.

They have the expensive inner city location in UK giants like Manchester or London; they then forward all of your mail to you from that location. Your clients and customers will see your address as theirs, with your company name attached to the top! Get big boots before your business grows to fill them.

A virtual receptionist can help greatly with winning business.

Not only can your written correspondence go via a major city of your choice, but your calls can too. A virtual office service could also offer you a reception team that will take calls to their local telephone numbers. Even your phone numbers can be localised, and the companies will relay any calls, messages or information onto you with the speed, efficiency and professionalism that comes with the experience they have. You get a dedicated team working for your business at a fraction of the price of hiring your own receptionist!


Getting a foothold in the market as a new business is renowned for being notoriously difficult. It is especially cruel when you’re up against people in the same industry with more money for marketing, and longer-standing clients and experience. To help you get going and start climbing your way to the top, a virtual office address isn’t just valuable, it’s invaluable.

Not only will you get a big city address and improve your local SEO, you’ll also give your customers security and a trustworthy reputation that will prove vital to your success. Give yourself the best start, and the best chance at a bright future; a virtual office address is the boost that your local SEO deserves. Before long, business will be booming!

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