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What is an IVR system? Interactive Voice Response

As your business grows, new services and facilities will probably be needed in order to cater for increased activity.

And as more and more people contact your business, finding an efficient and affordable way to deal with their calls and queries will help to make your company appear professional and capable.

One of the main communications improvements implemented by growing businesses is an IVR system. So if you’re thinking of upgrading your telecoms system but aren’t sure which solution is right for you, here are some things to consider before you decide.

What is IVR?

An IVR – or interactive voice response – phone system allows callers to choose from a list of options and interact with the system by using their voice or telephone keypad.

By selecting preferences from a menu they can decide the route that their call should take, eventually being connected to the person that is most able to help them.

If you work in a large office with various departments, an IVR system could simplify your communications considerably.

Do callers to your business need access to a variety of responders?

If all those calling your company are attempting to reach the same person or have the same general query, then routing their calls through an IVR system may be unnecessary.

However if your customers contact you with a range of different needs and inquiries, transferring them to the relevant contact person makes life more efficient for both you and your customers.

Do you have a range of employees or departments with differing expertise?

Similarly, if your business has a range of different departments, branches or expertise, an IVR system will allow callers to be routed directly to the area of your business that is most relevant to their call.

By using an IVR system, you negate the need for a secretary, receptionist or other employees to take time out of their day in order to forward calls on to the most appropriate recipient.

Do some of your employees work remotely?

An IVR system is even more appropriate if some of your specialist employee’s work from home or on site, as it will allow callers to reach them directly no matter what their geographical location.

Is your business likely to expand in the near future?

Though an IVR system may not be needed if your company is just a small operation, if you are hoping to grow your business substantially in the future, an IVR system can make the transition from small to big a lot smoother.

Once the system is up and running, adding new phone lines and extensions is relatively easy, so your new employees can get stuck in straight away.

Upgrading your old system will make the daily running of your company a lot smoother.

Do you want to give your business a more professional image?

As most people associate an IVR phone system with large, corporate companies, installing one can help to give you business a more professional image.

When a call is answered, the system can play a company welcome message before passing the call on to a list of options. This gives callers a great first impression of your company, inspiring confidence in clients and suppliers alike.

Moving your company’s telecoms onto an IVR system offers both you and your customers and efficient, affordable and professional way of communicating.

So if your company has a range of expertise is spread over a wide geographical area or is set to grow in the near future an IVR system could be the perfect solution to your communication needs.

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