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The benefits of having a virtual office

If you are the owner of a small business that you run from home then you may benefit from outsourcing your admin work to a virtual office in Manchester. Virtual offices can make small businesses look more established, experienced and professional. The services they provide include answering telephone calls, mail forwarding and other general admin tasks such as scheduling appointments. There are virtual offices based all over the country, but todaywe are focusing on the benefits of having a virtual office in Manchester.

Prestigious business address.

Many small business owners that work from home do not want to give out their personal address to their clients. Not only can giving out home addresses seem intrusive, but it also lacks professionalism.

A Manchester based office address creates a fantastic first impression of your business because customers will associate it with this prestigious location. Manchester is a hub for business and finance, making it a desirable area for your business to be associated with. Having a virtual office in Manchester will help to put your business on the map and give it a national or even international presence, which will benefit you greatly if you want to widen your potential audience.

Manchester telephone number

If you choose to work with a virtual office in Manchester you will be given a business telephone number with a Manchester area code that you can use on your business cards. This will mean you no longer have to give out your home telephone number or have calls disturbing you out of office hours. Just like a Manchester business address, a Manchester telephone number will make your business look more professional to customers. Your clients’ telephone calls will be answered by an experienced virtual receptionist using your business name. They will learn all of the necessary information about your business, enabling them to provide your customers with an excellent service. Your virtual receptionist will either put calls through to you if you are available, or take messages, which will be sent to your email address or mobile phone.

Cost effective

Using a Manchester virtual office will work out much more cost effective than renting office space in the city. You will also save money as you will not need to hire fulltime employees who would require an hourly wage, sick pay and other benefits. As your virtual assistant or receptionist is a contractor, they will be responsible for providing their own equipment, another cost you will not have to worry about. Instead you will pay a monthly fee which will be agreed once you sign a contract with a virtual office company in Manchester .

A few tips:

If you have decided that your business would definitely benefit from the services of a virtual office in Manchester then the next step is to do your research and find a company that suits your business style and work ethics. The virtual office you choose to work with will create a professional image for your customers and therefore needs to create the right impression of your business.

Manchester Offices

Having a Manchester address and telephone number will send all the right signals to your customers.


If you want to put your business on the map, there is no better way than by working with a Manchester based virtual office. Out of all the cities you could choose to have a business address, Manchester is the most prestigious location. In business it is all about making a great first impression and this is something you can definitely achieve with the help of a virtual office in Manchester . Your new business address will make a powerful statement to customers and they will soon see you as being a highly professional, experienced and very well established company. The best part is that you can receive all the benefits of having an office in Manchester , for just a fraction of the price.

By Megan Hunt

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