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Divert Skype to a telephone number (landline or mobile)

We have some customers of our virtual receptionist service who have a telephone number with Skype and want to divert this SkypeIn number to another telephone number.  In this case it is so we can answer calls in their company name when they are not available but it would apply just as well if you wanted to divert Skype to any landline or mobile number.  Having helped a couple of people set this up I thought I would note the steps here.

How to divert Skype to another telephone number:

In Skype, click on Tools then Options.  Click on the Calls icon and you should see that the menu expands and one of the options is Call Forwarding.  Click on the Call Forwarding icon and then click on ”Call forwarding options” that appears in the main window.  If you are using Skype for business I am assuming you have some credit on your Skype account and can make outbound calls, in which case you should be able to tick the “Forward calls when I’m not on Skype” and then enter a phone number.  If Skype is not running on your computer (or your computer is off) then the call will be forwarded to the number you have entered.  You will be charged by Skype for this forwarded call, which is why you need to have some credit on your Skype account.

You can also set it so it diverts even if Skype is running on your computer.  Enter a time in the “Forward calls if I do not answer within” section.   15 seconds is a good choice as it gives you time to answer if you are there, but does n’t keep the caller hanging on too long if you are not there.

To test this out you could divert it to your home telephone number and then call your Skype number from your mobile and the call should end up ringing your home line.

Good luck Ian

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