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Sage Settings to access printer are not valid – Solved

We use Sage shared between two computers and suddenly I started getting the message from “Settings to access printer are not valid”. See the screen shot below:

How to solve this problem

In the Report Browser, shown above, highlight the report or invoice you want to print, but instead of hitting Print, hit Edit instead. This will open the Report Designer program.

You should be able to see a list of properties down the right hand side. If not, go to View, Toolbox.

Click on the dropdown box by Save Printer Setttings and change it to False (see below). Then Save the report and close the Report Designer program.

Now try printing your report or invoice again. This time it should make the print dialogue box pop up.

Good luck.

I came across the solution to the Sage problem on the very good Sage 50 Help Forum run by Bruce Denney  Making IT Happen   I would recommend you take a look at the forum and make a note for the future as I have often found the solution to frustrating issues with Sage on the forum.

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