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Sage – Date entered outside current financial year

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

This message annoyed me every time we moved into the a new financial year – but a Sage upgrade fixed it. We have hundreds of transactions each month and this message was appearing for every single transaction. I have been in the habit of rushing our accountant in within two weeks from the end of the financial year to check all our records and do a year end just to remove this annoying message.

Finally, for our year end in 2011 I am not being pestered by this message. In the past few months we have upgraded to Sage 50 Accounts 2012. I had held out from doing an upgrade for a long time as I could not see anything useful in the upgrade versions but Sage have finally added an option to remove the “Date entered is outside current financial year” warning message. We were given an attractive upgrade price from Sage and it was almost worth it just to get rid of this message.

In the screen shot below from the Accounts 2012 version you can see a little tick box which disables the message.

This only works for the current session so it goes away until the next time you open Sage, when it will prompt you again.

So it’s not quite gone for good but it is a lot better than previous versions.

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