Many of our customers do not get calls out of hours so, to keep the cost of the standard service down, we have a simple message after 6pm saying that “our office is now closed, the office hours are 08.30 to 18.00 Monday to Friday. Please call back during office hours”.

If you do expect to get some calls out of hours we can provide a voicemail to email system with a greeting in your company for £9.00 per month.  Any messages are stored electronically and emailed to you immediately as a WAV file attachment.

We have some customers with more advanced out of hours systems.  For instance, a property management company plays the caller a greeting with several options along the lines of “press 1 for electrical problems, press 2 for water problems…”.  Based on which option is selected the call routes to the appropriate engineer on call.  Our customer can even use a web interface to the system to change the mobile number of the engineer on call.  If you would like to discuss how a similar system could work for you please contact us.