self employment pros and cons

Self Employment – Pros and Cons

Self Employment – pros and cons There are many positive aspects of turning to self employment and much has been written encouraging people to take the step. We would agree with many of these positive statements and have seen hundreds of users of our virtual receptionist and virtual office services flourish over the years. However…

Gain advantage with the personal touch

Small businesses can gain a huge advantage over their larger competitors by making themselves easy to contact and providing a personal touch when dealing with potential customers.  Large competitors will have a number of size advantages but if they have to ask their customers for their account number they are losing that personal touch.  Smaller companies…

Five reasons micro businesses need to be considered differently

Many of our customers fall into the micro business category which is defined as ten or few employees. All too often business topics are discussed in terms of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) which is a range of business sizes that can go up to 250 people. As we deal mainly with micro business owners we feel that sometimes this section needs to be treated differently. We invited one of our customers, Amanda Brown of A2B PR, to give her views on why a micro business should be viewed differently.